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Should I verify my football betting account?

See some important details about football online website account verification. Make sure to read our guide about betting account verifying procedure.

If you want to place sport bets through the internet there are a couple of procedures you should go through and complete successfully. In almost any football online website you will be required to:

  1. Open an account, which is an ordinary registration in a website.
  2. Confirming the account, which happens right after you fill in the entire registration form and click on a button like “finish” or “complete”
  3. Make a deposit in order to place real money sport bets on any  sport discipline, including on football games
  4. Find the bet slip and test it to understand how betting works in internet
  5. Use your welcome bonus, because in most cases you will be rewarded for choosing the concrete football online website with a good promo offer visit casino dinero real.
  6. At one point you might be asked to verify your account.

What is account verification?

An account verification is a procedure that follows the procedure of opening the account, but not always. Sometimes, it comes quite later – after making a couple of bets without any problems with having your account not verified.

The account verifications is not the same as the account confirmation. With the account confirmation you confirm that the e-mail address or the mobile phone you have used to open an account is yours and you will probably use it to login the system.

Account verification requires from you to confirm that the identity you have described in the registration form is you. This is why to verify your account in a football online website you will have to provide some documents – ID – that correspond to your personality. In most cases, you will have to send a copy – as a picture – of your ID, passport, driving license document, as well as a billing address you can find in any bill you have recently paid (for electricity, internet and other services).

Why and when should I verify my account?

As we have already mentioned it, the time for account verification depends on the concrete football online website you open an account. There are gambling companies that will require to verify your account once you open it, but to tell you the truth, the majority demands on the account verification at a later stage of your interaction with the platform:

  1. When you want to make a withdrawal. Most of the betting platforms will not allow you to claim for a withdrawal if you haven’t verified your account.
  2. It is good for you to verify your account not only to get your income, but also to be protected. The account verification is not in the sake of the bookie’s safety only. It also allows you to use the regulator’s services in case you have some arguments with the betting company.
  3. Account verification sometimes brings bonuses and it is a good reason to do it as soon as possible. Plus – if you are not possible to verify your account, it would be  better to know it before earning money on the football online website that later cannot be taken at

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