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factors to call a bookmaker

5 Underestimated factors to call a bookmaker a reliable one

These are five not so popular, but important elements that describe a decent football betting website. Check out some credibility factors a bookie should have, but punters underestimate.

We all know that the perfect football betting website should be licensed and regulated whether by the national authorities or by a reputable agency such as the strict British Gambling Commission or its sister in Malta. We also know that bonuses are important, but not as important as the available odds are. Some of us know that the range of the markets is more significant than the website design. There are even a few punters who would appreciate options like extra account management features.

However, to tell you the truth there’s a significant number of active punters who will never think off the following five underestimated factors when it comes to choose a decent football betting website:

  1. Max bet stake size. Does anybody look for such preliminary information to form up an opinion regarding the bookmaker? We doubt it. The max bet size, though, is usually underestimated as a factor mainly because it concerns some future period of using this platform. But the smaller the max bet stake is the less progressive the website could be for your advance.
  2. The convenient and easy to be used football betting website navigation. According to the content managers of big platforms related to objective bookmaker reviews, the section with information about the bookmaker’s website navigation is in 90% of the cases not read at all. Just think about how much time you will lose in wondering about the website when there are tons of live football events and you have some money to spend.
  3. Customer support feedback. It is weird why punters don’t even read them. We do like the blogs with objective and detailed bookies reviews. But we cannot know who writes them, right? On the contrary, the customer feedback might be subjective, but it is definitely based on the player’s actual experience in the website.
  4. The necessity to verify your account. And the big surprise is that you should look for a football betting website that requires account verification rather than one that will “save” you this boring task. Indeed, in some platforms this procedure might be a bit annoying or even tough to meet. However, the availability of account verification is actually an extra protection for your personal data and money.
  5. The reputation of the bookmaker’s owner. Do you even know who owns your current football betting website? And don’t you think it important information? Of course, it is. The bookie is not an independent organization that is insured against bankruptcy or legal problems. It is part of a corporation or owned by a concrete company. And when the owner has problems, the bookie will have problems, too. So do you, guys.

Start selecting a new betting house, but this time on mandatory with all of top 5 extraordinary factors for success in mind.

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