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effective strategy used in sports betting

This is the most effective strategy used in sports betting

What could make your team’s victory even sweeter? A bit of cash with it of course, and now that the W88 betting markets include score, player and special scenarios.

That’s all very enticing but it can lead you to overreach. Money can be made from sports betting as long as you don’t get carried away and stay disciplined. With this guide you’ll be able to build an unbeatable strategy for betting on the sports you love.

Do your homework

Form, team selection, schedules are just some of the factors that go into the outcome of a game and you’d be a fool to ignore them. Is a big match on the horizon for either side? Has the star player come down with Covid? Is either team on a streak of good/bad results?

It’s important not to just back your hunch and literally gamble with your money but make an educated prediction based on the information at hand. You will not be able to predict every match correctly but that doesn’t matter if you know the teams and which market is most likely to come up trumps virtual sports.

Don’t chase winnings

At the end of the day, you’re trying to make money and taking a long time getting there will still get there. Unless you back an unlikely underdog to beat the newly crowned champions, it’ll take you a while to build up enough of a balance to see meaningful returns on ‘safe’ bets.

Don’t be down heartened by this. You need to build up a balance and one quick bet can be the thing that undoes weeks of painfully small returns. The most effective strategy isn’t always the most glamorous but it is the one with the highest success rate.

Avoid outright markets

It’s the most enticing side of sports betting and for good reason. Knowing you’re right whilst making money off the back of your superior knowledge, what a high! But the outright markets are the most volatile.

One poor performance, rouge goal or bad decision (with or without VAR) and the bet is ruined. It may well be a sure thing and you may be right a lot of the time but it will be that 1 time out of 10 that your hunch lets you down. It’s just not worth it. 

Instead of backing outright results, use handicaped or point spread results to insulate yourself from an upset. One or two goal leeways for the favourites won’t always come off though, but it will help after a surprise draw or 1 goal defeat. Alternatively have a look at disciplinary, score and period markets. If you can’t choose between two high scoring teams, don’t. Take a safer bet on the amount of points scored, be it throughout the match or through a period for example, depending on what your research recommends.

Use accumulators*

Sounds crazy but hear me out. You need to use alternative accumulators such as Trixies in order to minimise your exposure to any losses. While you may have to gamble less in each bet, it will help you hugely if a big upset ruins one of your choices. Again, this may not be the most glamorous way to find success but it is one that will allow you to mitigate losses and build a large balance.

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