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Thai Lottery Tickets

Thai Lottery Tickets And Everything About It to Know

This page is comprehensive about legal Thai lottery tickets, highlighting aspects like available variants, their price, purchasing venues, the possibility of online availability, and more.

It can be tough to find a person who doesn’t know about lottery betting despite residing in Thailand. The Thai lottery is exceptionally famous among Thai citizens and is governed by the Government Lottery Office.

With two draws taking place every month, the increasing popularity of this game is something mentionable. Whether you will seize the jackpot amount from the 8-tiered prize model or not will be decided by your fortune. But, at least you should take the chance and purchase a ticket for yourself.  Are you wondering about how to do it? Just run your eyes through this page to know everything regarding Thai lottery betting.

Thai Lottery Ticket Variants

There are two different variants of legal lottery tickets in Thailand. One is Thai Government Lottery (TGL) tickets, and another is Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) tickets. The main differences between these two tickets lie in the jackpot amounts they offer and taxes associated with them.

While two million baht comes as the jackpot prize of a TGL ticket, with TCL, the amount increases to three million baht. Alongside, the taxes associated with TGL and TCL are respectively 0.5% and 1%.   

Thai Lottery Ticket Price

Although the government determined price for a Thai rath lottery ticket is 40 baht, you should know that it can vary. The first reason behind it is one can’t obtain single tickets since they are sold in pairs only. Thus, the price of both tickets would be 80 baht. Vendors are also known for marking up tickets. It’s often the case when they are selling tickets comprising lucky numbers. For purchasing tickets from such sellers, you need to be ready to spend around 100 baht.

Venues Selling Thai Lottery Tickets

Only GLO registered retailing agents are allowed to sell lottery tickets in Thailand. Plenty of commercial venues like supermarkets, ticket stands, and local markets hold this license, while big stores like Tesco Lotus and Big C are also eligible to sell them.

Vendors also roam around across different areas so that players who couldn’t visit such a shop for any reason can enjoy the opportunity too. However, before purchasing those tickets, it’s your responsibility to ensure whether they are genuine or not. Check the official marks to ensure their authenticity. It’s illegal to charge you any extra amount over 100 to 120 baht. Upon facing such incidents, you can report to the governing body through GLO’s official website.

Can Thai Lottery Tickets be Bought Online?

Purchasing products from online platforms has become a rigid habit for most of us. However, it would be best if you approach otherwise when purchasing government-regulated lottery tickets in Thailand.

Till now, the facility of online ticket purchasing isn’t available. Hence, there are no other options except buying them through land-based venues or real-life vendors. Moreover, as the tickets are pre-printed, you can’t choose the digits your combination would comprise. However, you can select your ticket, checking different tickets and their number combinations available at the selling venue. And, the most intriguing part is foreigners who are staying in Thailand or have come to the country for just touring can also participate in lottery gambling.

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