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How Your Mind Works When You Gamble

In most of the studies, it is found that the dopamine released by the brain while playing gambling is the same as the dopamine released by the brain while taking alcoholic materials and drugs. Not only it will affect the person externally but also it will change the way of thinking about the shape of your brain.

For the mind, the feeling after winning the rewards is the same as the mind feels after taking the drugs like super sensitive and lightweight. According to the animal specialist, the addiction to gambling is pretty same as the addiction to drugs and alcoholic material.

Some of the studies even proved that the behaviors and nature of the player is changed after he constantly loses two or three weeks. The feeling trigger of losing money will be neutralized by the dopamine released after winning. Just because of this problem the player can get off with gambling and keep playing it until he loses all his earnings. This phenomenon in science is known as Chasing Loose.

Our Thinking

Now most of us think that gambling is all about winning and losing the games but that is not true. In most of the casinos and online gambling sites it is found that they seem to be very attractive whether they add on some of the features and images, in the casinos they use to cover their casinos with full of lights and music’s. So that a huge number of gamblers enter in their casino and play.

Are these lights and features will attract more and more players? Therefore, the answer is yes in a study, and it is found that the lights and music used by the casinos will eventually attract more and more people towards it and make them play.

Along with the lights, there are some personalities that keep motivating the gamblers, which makes them forget about the money that they are losing and overexcited them with their cheering and motivations. This thing makes the game a bit more excited and they start playing even faster.


With the final words, we conclude that in this article we have discussed the mental states and the mental glitches that the casinos and online gambling sites play with the players. Along with this, we have also discussed the techniques they use to motivate the player and make them ready to go for the higher bids.

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