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5 special terms used terms in roulette

Roulette is the casino game that is very famous among the players due to its very easy method to play. Yet, there are some terms which you need to know, to know this game more precisely. In this article, we will get to know five of those very important terms which are widely used in this game.

House edge

It is a type of mathematical expression for the benefits which the casino gets from each player in every single bet he makes. It decides how much profit the casino is getting from each player. The house edge depends on the numbers of the blocks on the roulette wheel. The more numbers of Wheels, the more percentage of the house edge. This is the reason the house edge of American roulette is more than those of European roulette.


It is a device that is used by the croupier to Mark the winning number after every single spin. The new bets of the spin cannot be made until the croupier removes the marker from the table.


The pockets on the roulette wheel are the area of the wheel where the ball may land. There are 37 and 38 number of pockets in European and American roulette wheels respectively. These pockets have only two colors, black and red.

Call bets

We all know that betting is done when the betting amount is kept on the table and then the game proceeds. However, in call bets, it doesn’t happen like this. In this way of betting, the player can bet even just by speaking the betting amount. In some casinos, it is allowed and in many others, it is forbidden.

Biased wheel

It is a term used in this game for those spinning roulette wheels which don’t have an equal probability of each number to come. On this wheel, some specific numbers are more likely to win most of the time and some others are rarely seen to be won. Knowing this secret, many people said to be won a huge amount in this game.


Above we have discussed five very important terms of roulette which you should know. However, this is not all which you should know to be a master. There are still many terms which you will keep learning with the progression and experience in this game.

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