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Online Slot Payout Mechanism

Online Slot Payout Mechanism – Things You Need To Know

If you love playing slots, you might be curious to know about the payout frequency of your loved casino game. This article offers you some inside information regarding this system.

Those who love playing online slots often try to hit the jackpot or reward button to make some money while playing the game. It may seem like a simple matching game, but its payout includes multiple factors and criteria.

If you are curious about how frequently a G2GBET slot game will pay, you have landed at the right place. Here, you will get detailed information regarding the slot payout frequency and its factors.

What Does Payout Mean for Online Slots?

Online slots also follow similar methods as the conventional casino machines. The payout frequency is closely related to the winning odds of any particular slot game. You must understand that each slot game has distinct odds, and not all games are similar. While paying you, the machines usually use two mechanisms:

Winning Odds for the Jackpot

The jackpot odds are the toughest and hardest to reach. The jackpot is the highest prize for a slot game. Hence, it is often considered a once-in-a-million chance. This means, while a slot game may offer the jackpot winning odds for 1 in 1 million, the other game will offer the same with a payout rate of 1 in 10 million spins.

Hit Rate Winning Odds

Besides the jackpot, there are multiple winning combinations in any slot game. You even stand a chance to win if you match two consecutive images! It happens because most online slot games come with multiple paylines (fixed and even variable).

The hit rate or hit frequency is the winning odds of getting one reward per spin on an online slot game. You can find the hit rate in the information section of the game. The regular slot games come with a 20% to 25% payout frequency. This means you may end up winning at least one reward per four to five spins.

In general, assuming the hit rate is the easiest way to determine the payout frequency of a slot game. If you have just started playing slots, choose games with a hit frequency of at least 25%. Such games offer better rewards, and you also have better odds against the game.

What is RTP?

RTP or Return To Player is another common concept to determine the paying odds of any online slot. It helps you to find out the payout rate for longer gambling sessions. In RTP, the probability of a player against the house edge counts. Hence, it would help if you calculate properly to understand the RTP rate. In general, the RTP rate ranges from 70% to 98%. That means you win 70% to 98% of your original bet amount against a win.


Playing slot machines requires calculated strategy and a better understanding of the game. Better knowledge about the payout rate of any game allows you to earn excellent alongside helping in better payroll management. 

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