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Complete Fish Prawn Crab Guide

Complete Fish Prawn Crab Guide for novice players

Do you love gaming? Then you will love online versions of “fish prawn crab.” Here are a few exciting facts related to this game that can help you win exciting rewards.

Fish Prawn Crab is one of the famous Chinese dice games. Now players from all over the world can play the online versions of this game at Luxury111It is also known as “Hoo Hey How” and is excellent for beginners exploring traditional Chinese and Asian table games to win exciting prizes.

Are you ready? Then read till the end to find some great information to become a pro player.

How does the Game Operate?

The rules of this game are pretty simple. In the game, three dice are rolled in. The dice come with images of Fish, Prawn, Crab, Gourd, Rooster, and a Stag. Players need to select their bet amounts and predict the possible results before the rolling starts. 

Their screen will display a virtual table in front of them alongside a virtual image of the dealer. Players need to select the images of the table they feel like the possible outcome by clink on the image or placing their bets on the images of the table.

After the stipulated time, the dealer will roll the dice. After rolling, it will display the result on the screen. If you make the correct prediction, you will win.

 The online games use the RNG or Random Number Generator software to generate the symbols. This Way maintains the game’s accuracy and ensures each player gets an equal share of chances to win the jackpot!

Betting and Rules

Players need to place their bets on each image. They earn a payout of 2 to 1 for each image. For two correct image predictions, they will get paid at the rate of 3.5 to 1 as their return. The payout rate is six times the bet if all the three image predictions are correct cbd farms.

For example, suppose a player places a bet of amount “A” on the image of a fish. If their prediction is correct, they will get an “A” as the reward besides keeping the original bet amount.

Now, suppose a player bets the amount “B” for two images, Gourd and Rooster. If the prediction is correct, they will earn “3.5B” as their prize money, including the bet.

If the player predicts the three images correct, they will get a return of 6X on their original betting amount.

There is also another type of betting. It is called “Combo House Bets,” where you can place your bet on the triplets. That means you can place your bets three times for each image. It comes with a payout of 34.5 to 1.

This strategy offers you better chances to win. You will win if the dice outcome is three roosters/crabs/fishes/ prawns/gourds/ stags. But, the three symbols must be the same to win.

This game has a moderate house edge of 7.9%. Hence, there are better chances of winning.


Fish, prawn, crab is a traditional Chinese dice game with picture symbols. Due to its easy rules, it offers a broader scope to win some exciting rewards. If you want to win some money while playing a traditional board game, you can try your hands in this game. It will offer you some great and memorable experiences.

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